Digital Persuasion:
Ignite Your Social Influence

Best Audience: Brand Marketers, Agency Marketers, Entrepreneurs

In today’s skeptical, saturated, ad-blocker installed social world- it’s never been harder for a brand to be seen or believed. If your social media content isn’t driving the conversations or conversions that it used to- it’s because it’s not enough to just tell a great story anymore. Persuading others to engage with you, your brand, your product or service on social media requires a strategy for not just WHAT story you are telling: but WHO is telling it.

Welcome to the era of the “influencer”. Yes, it’s an eye-rolling buzzword. Yes, it’s a Halloween costume. And yes, 92% of us trust their recommendations over anything a brand says about itself (Nielsen). In just the last few years, the traditional marketing paradigm has been inverted-with persuasion power no longer belonging to brands but to micro, customer and employee influencers. On a daily basis, these authentic voices are influencing perception and impacting how we learn, feel and take action. So how can you leverage this complex movement to improve your social media performance?

Way beyond cheesy paid celebrity endorsements and boring customer testimonials, igniting the transformative power of influencer marketing revolve around answering one big question. Whether you are an individual marketing team of one or at the helm of a Fortune 100 brand, Erin will equip and empower you to answer that key question- so you can start to attract attention, increase influence and sell smarter in today’s social media marketplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why social influence has shifted from brands to individuals- and what you can do about it
  • How to digitally differentiate your content on even the loudest social platforms
  • How to find and engage your most effective social ambassadors authentically
  • How to measure and illustrate social influencer marketing success
  • Psychology principles behind social influence
  • The one thing all digitally persuasive content has in common
  • The biggest influencer marketing mistake everyone makes- and how to avoid it
  • Predictions on the future of social marketing- and how you can prepare for it

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Karen Sun

"Erin was voted unanimously as the best speaker of our entire conference. She tailored her talk specifically for our industry. She challenged and connected our audience with her fiery energy so much that a year later, I still hear her name and concepts brought up in company conversations."

-Karen Sun, Marketing Director, Synchrony Financial